Ensure your CSR programs are impactful, measurable and sustainable, based on stakeholder needs.

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Documentation & Reporting

Showcase your organisation’s initiatives and fuel cross learning in the social development space through effective reporting.

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Align CSR activities with your core business objectives.

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Promote the use of ICT among field personnel to strengthen Social Impact Assessment.

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Our Clients


Our Work


'Beyond charity' rationale

CSR is viewed as a strategic source of competitive advantage.

Content & Design Skills

Documents which are interesting and pictorial, easy to read and void of errors in grammar and content.

Relevant Knowledge

Updated on trends & evolution of the CSR & socio-economic development space in India.

Focused Partnerships & Collaborations

Exemplary & reputed organizations and programs are advocated to our clients.

Impact Based CSR

Implementation and evaluations are approached in a strategic fashion.

Innovative Outlook

We bring a fresh, unique and dynamic perspective to CSR in India.