SROI Webinar Resources Resources

Please find below all the webinar resources From the webinar: Presentation Video recording Learning Resources: The Guide to SROI Maximise your impact guide Social Value Principles – this is a short document providing an overview of the 7 principles Starting out guide 10 Impact questions Principles of Social Value and the SDGs Value Game Principles: Principle 1 – Involve Stakeholders Principle 2 – Understand what...

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6 steps to creating a conservation culture in workshops/trainings Resources

All capacity building workshops hosted by 4th Wheel aim to bring people together to seek their opinions, extract knowledge and solve problems in a collaborative and creative environment. We wish to make sharing, learning and teaching in the development sector more participatory, enjoyable and effective. Key features of our workshops are shown in the below infograph:  

Our rationale on developing communication collateral Resources

At 4th Wheel we apply different types of mediums to share information on achieving social development goals. We combined old media forms with new media to drive conversations, spread awareness and motivate individual action. We believe new age communication and social networking plays a very integral role in mobilising communities and strengthening people power. The rationale we use to develop communication collateral is shown through...

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Global Goals, Local Action – Aligning data collection to SDGs Resources

The SDGs push the global development community to set ambitious targets, drive bold innovations and measure impact consistently. According to a recent study, about 65 percent of the 169 SDG targets can only be achieved through substantive involvement of multiple local actors. Local action depends on community participation, awareness and ownership. If data is available at a local level, target oriented approaches will be possible,...

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8 steps to building a strong Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework for social programs Resources

We work with several organisations to build MEL frameworks. These frameworks enable saving resources and time, reducing paperwork, facilitating administrative steps, quickening project related communications and enabling near real-time data collecting to inform decision-making and create result-oriented programs. 8 steps to building a strong Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework for social programs followed by 4th Wheel are below: If you are looking to build your MEL...

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Process Documentation Resources

Documentation is often seen as a difficult task by most development organisations. The documentation challenge generally links back to lack of knowledge on and usage of ideal tools and techniques for documentation. Another critical challenge is from the point of view of motivation for and realisation of the need for documentation. Photo source: Process Documentation-A Practical Manual for Development Workers, Action for Food Production (AFPRO)...

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3 ways to make your research more participatory Resources

Contextualised understanding is the foundation for sustainable programs. Good research enables contextualised understanding. Survey is the most commonly used method for conducting research but it may not lead to inclusive & participatory data. This video talks about innovative research tools like Photo Voice, Card Sorting & Temperature Gauges.

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