Process Documentation Resources

Documentation is often seen as a difficult task by most development organisations. The documentation challenge generally links back to lack of knowledge on and usage of ideal tools and techniques for documentation. Another critical challenge is from the point of view of motivation for and realisation of the need for documentation. Photo source: Process Documentation-A Practical Manual for Development Workers, Action for Food Production (AFPRO)...

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3 ways to make your research more participatory Resources

Contextualised understanding is the foundation for sustainable programs. Good research enables contextualised understanding. Survey is the most commonly used method for conducting research but it may not lead to inclusive & participatory data. This video talks about innovative research tools like Photo Voice, Card Sorting & Temperature Gauges.

Case Study: Tracing the impact of life skills programs on Quality of Life Resources

Quasi-experimental studies have been proven to be a very insightful and useful approach to evidence the impact of social programs. However, resource intensive field research and high methodological complexity impedes many organizations to undertake this type of evaluation. 4thWheel has been commissioned to undertake a scientifically rigorous evaluation to assess the impact of a life skills program by a renowned NGO in Bangalore. The impact...

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