The 4th Wheel Experience – From our intern Newsbox

The rhetoric of the self serving, evil corporation is one we are all too familiar with. It is also one that up until very recently, I completely bought into. I certainly did not believe they served any cause beyond self interest that I could get behind (funnily enough, business school seems set on making me do just this). My summer internship at the 4th Wheel...

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Changing the ‘Learning’ Narrative! Newsbox

A Project on Youth-Led Development, using Technology for Social Change An ambitious project is under-way in Bhuj and Gandidham talukas of Kutch district in Gujarat, based on an understanding that all youth use phones and are involved on various social media platforms. Sadly their engagement in socio-economic development is rare. A collaboration between UNESCO-MGIEP, T-Learning and 4th Wheel, the essence of the project lies in...

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Skilling Matters – A look into the past, present & future Newsbox

“Collaboration should be about evolution and not revolution” — Raj Gilda, Co-founder, Lend-A-Hand   A noble quote which justly defines the collaboration between J.P Morgan, UnLtd India & 4th Wheel Social Impact for the Learning Journey series – Skilling Matters. A mere 2% of the Indian population has received any form of skilling which is lower than most developing countries. By 2020, it is estimated that...

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Taking Innovation to the Frontline of Maternal and Newborn Healthcare Newsbox

This blog post is the first in a three-part series following The 4th Wheel evaluation team’s experience working on an innovation project in maternal and newborn healthcare. “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” – Mahatma Gandhi   From policy makers to philosophers, health has always been used as a gold standard indicator for how well a country...

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Anna, Sharon & Jim (Left to Right) Newsbox

One of the best moments of my recent trip to Bhutan was the pleasure of spending time and having fantastic conversations with Jim Rugh, co-author of the book ‘RealWorld Evaluation’. The RealWorld Evaluation approach was developed specifically to address the need for practical strategies on how to ensure the highest level of methodological rigour, consistent with the circumstances under which the evaluation has to be...

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WHAT BUSINESSES CAN DO – Infographic on SDGs Newsbox

“Businesses can provide essential solutions and resources that put our world on a more sustainable path.” – Ban Ki-Moon, former United Nations Secretary-General What will be the potential positive impacts for businesses? Enhanced company reputation Availability of skilled workforce Boost in organization productivity Cost competitive business Good governance and transparency in business environment Accelerated progress towards the SDGs For more infographics follow us on PINTEREST...

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