‘Scaling effectively’ – Focusing on reach and impact! 4WSI@Development Dialogues Newsbox

We just got back from this year’s Development Dialogues, one of India’s most influential and popular social entrepreneurship conferences, hosted by the Deshpande Foundation in Hubli. ‘Scaling effectively’ was the theme of the conference and more than 500 delegates from across the development sector- global and national, attended the conference.


It has been six years since 4th Wheel embarked in it’s journey to contribute to more inclusive, participatory and sustainable development in India. Our entrepreneurial journey has been rife with successes, failures, learning, exposure, realisations, new networks and friendships. We believe in the power and importance of direct feedback to help us understand how our stakeholders perceive our work, to trigger motivation and eventually to enhance...

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Tracing the real value of education – Field work with 4th Wheel Newsbox

Participating in field work was very exciting for me. Not only because I got to know another part of Gujarat and got insights into the living and working conditions in the Special Economic Zone of Mundra, but also because I see this as complementary part of my work at 4th wheel. Being in an office and dealing with interesting topics in the field of human...

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