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Blog series on innovative break-out sessions (2/3): ENERGISE! Participatory program design for water harvesting initiatives Knowledge

India’s water stress is a recurrent thread to urban and rural areas across the country. Increased water demand, climate change vulnerability and pollution of water quality from both the agricultural as well as the domestic and industrial sectors put pressure on the scare resources the country can rely on. On top of that, water availability is determined by monsoons, with summer rains accounting for 75%...

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Blog series on innovative break-out sessions (3/3): ENABLE! Building capacities for water conservation Knowledge

The third break-out session, which is part of Ambuja Cement Foundation’s event on World Water Day 2017, puts building capacities for water conservation at the center of discussion. Considering that India sustains nearly 17 per cent of the world’s population but is endowed with just four per cent of global water resources, emphasizes the urgent call for water conservation.  

Blog series on innovative break-out sessions (1/3): INVOLVE! Stakeholder Mapping for Drinking Water Programs Knowledge

To commemorate World Water Day 2017, Ambuja Cement Foundation joins hands with 4th Wheel Social Impact (4WSI) to host a participatory dialogue on ‘Co-creating water positive communities”. As part of the event, we are facilitating three break-out sessions on water-related topics, making use of innovative tools and techniques. The objective of these workshop sessions is to build solutions and contribute to the national ‘water’ knowledge...

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Join us in Ahmedabad for another round of interactive brainstorming! Newsbox

Water is highly essential to all three dimensions of sustainability, i.e. social, economic and environmental. It is interlinked to crucial aspects of society, such as food, health and renewable energies. However, it is often overlooked or taken for granted and not explored to a satisfying extent. The UN Secretary General has stressed the importance of national consultations to solve water-related emergencies in the post-2015 development...

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