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Case Study: Tracing the impact of life skills programs on Quality of Life Resources

Quasi-experimental studies have been proven to be a very insightful and useful approach to evidence the impact of social programs. However, resource intensive field research and high methodological complexity impedes many organizations to undertake this type of evaluation. 4thWheel has been commissioned to undertake a scientifically rigorous evaluation to assess the impact of a life skills program by a renowned NGO in Bangalore. The impact...

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The future of monitoring and evaluation Knowledge

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is being used to bring new voices and broader participation into program diagnosis and enable a wider range of input at a reduced cost. They are enabling evaluators to better manage and pull possible trends out of large data sets. ICTs are being used to help achieve greater inclusion in planning processes. New technologies make it easier to compare and...

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In order to streamline the philtanthripic activities and ensure more accountabulity and transparency, the Government of India made if mandatory for companies to undertake CSR activities under the Companies Act, 2013. These CSR obligations intent to help remediate poverty and social problems in India. Companies are subject to the CSR requirements if they have, for any financial year in India – a net worth of...

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