On this special event of our milestone year, we wish to inspire deeper engagement of the development sector with research, monitoring and evaluation.



Our Mission is to Strengthen the Impact of Social Investments in the Country

We provide strategic advisory services on social impact management, communication for development and capacity building. Built on our experiences over the last decade of operations, we offer ‘Anniversary Special’ free research services and products to say thank-you to practitioners and organisations in the development sector, who contribute to our continuous growth and successes.

Assessment Studies 
States and UTs   


Inviting applications for FREE ‘Strategy Sessions’ scheduled for 26th November – 18th December, 2020.

Spread over four weeks, this peer learning opportunity will enable development professionals to refine/ build four integral elements for the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) function of their organisation. These include: 

  • Theory of Change
  • Indicator and Outcome Framework
  • Data Management System
  • Communication Strategy

Three organisations will be selected to partake in the program. Each organisation can nominate a maximum of four participants. 


Selection CriteriA

  • Innovative programs with strong impact potential: 30 points 
  • Scale and reach: 20 points 
  • Strong alignment of social programs with multiple SDGs: 10 points 
  • Ability to devote time to the program: 10 points 
  • M&E processes: 20 points 
  • Organisation representative profiles: 10 points

Program Details

  • 3 hours per week = 12 hour technical input sessions
  • 1 hour advisory per week = 4 advisory hours per organisation

Each week will focus on one theme: involving   three hours of Technical Input  Sessions  spread over two days and an hour of Advisory   Sessions.

Benefits of Participation

  • Practical  coursework and reflection exercises will result in a strong M&E strategy for participating organisations.
  • Organisations will benefit with a concrete theory-based outcome framework and data-driven reporting strategies.


Download indicator templates and scoring sheets for 
baseline researh or impact assessments

Education (1)-min


Use these indicators and scoring methodology to improve the quality of education institutions and identify priority interventions and program strategies

  • Anganwadi Centres
  • Primary Schools 

Health and Nutrition

Use this toolkit to gather relevant data on the functioning, quality and investment needs for crucial public service delivery institutions 

  • Public Health Centre (PHC) 



Water and Sanitation

Use this template which serves as a starting point to assess community WASH resources, for field observations and to design research tools.

  • WASH


A – Z Research and Evaluation Best Practices

This repository of best practices orients the reader to key elements in research and evaluation studies; which result in valid, reliable and usable information.

Design contextually appropriate methodologies built on existing literature, stakeholder dialogue, representative sampling, indicator development and mixed-method approaches; to answer key research questions.

Strengthen data collection by prioritising participatory approaches, investing in data management systems, adopting technology tools, focusing on data quality, and capacitating research teams; for rich, valid and reliable data. 

Improve analysis and reporting by using a combination of quantitative and qualitative insights, data driven-visual information, outlining key connections, trends and patterns; to provide actionable evidence for varied stakeholders.

  • Our Work
  • Blogs
  • Annual Reports

Social Impact Management is at the core of our service offerings: comprising of program design, baseline studies, process monitoring and impact assessments.

Research, monitoring and evaluation projects have spanned education, health, livelihoods, water, sanitation, women empowerment, and corporate sustainability programs.

All projects have focused on building data-driven monitoring and evaluation systems, to strengthen implementation strategies and enhance social impact.

On the 4th Wheel blog you can find interesting information on latest developments and discussions on M&E, development research and social service delivery. 

  • Resources: Regularly updated with practical toolkits, guidance documents, documentation templates, etc. developed by 4th Wheel.
  • Knowledge: Includes summarised literature and concepts, theoretical insights and practical application experiences, learning and reflections during the course of our work
  • Newsbox: Shares information on events, workshops, discussion forums, etc. organised by 4th Wheel and across the development sector

Read about our journey and achievements over the years through our annual reports. These include details on projects, the value addition our services bring to organisations involved with development assistance; and our strategic vision for the future.

2015-16: Year of Reflection and Organisation Restructuring
2016-17: Participation in Evaluation Networks
2017-18: Capacity building and Communication for Development
2019-20: Multisectoral Research and Evaluation 



“I want to congratulate Payal and Sharon and the wonderful organization that you have put together. It is remarkable. I had a great time working with 4th Wheel on the youth-led monitoring of SDGs project. 4th Wheel’s bottom-up and community-embedded approach is something that I personally resonate with and it was great to see it taken a step further – the community mapping, the consultations and the ultimate synthesis in the app. Furthermore, during our collaboration, I witnessed admirable scientific temper and rigorous research practices that many development organizations are still struggling with. I congratulate 4th Wheel on its 10th anniversary, and I am confident that more decades of rigorous and transformative work are still to come. So yes, 4th Wheel for me is young, community-embedded, and rigorous.”


Kuany, Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education Specialist

It was really heartening to note that 4th Wheel is celebrating the first decade. I wish the Institution to have many more such milestones. For the wonderful leadership that both of you provide, I am sure 4th Wheel would grow from strength to strength. My best wishes

R Parthasarathy

MEGA Chair Professor & Director, Gujarat Institute of Development Research

I worked at 4th Wheel for close to 3 years and when I say this I’m completely honest – those 3 years were certainly the building blocks of my career. I was at the very initial stage of my career and was looking to find a job which would give me an opportunity to work in the space of research, monitoring and evaluation. When I came across the opening for a research associate at 4th Wheel via an online portal, I knew this would fit my bill perfectly. I joined 4th Wheel for career progression and that is exactly what I got.  One of my best experiences of working at 4th Wheel was always the field visits across the country – meeting a variety of different people, I learned more about the social and cultural fabric of our country than any book ever taught me. To describe 4th Wheel in 3 words, I would say – “community/field-centered, honest work ethic, fun team”.

Rini D’Souza

Associate Researcher, Piramal Swasthya

The idea of working at a women-led start up on Monitoring, evaluation and learning really excited me when I first joined 4th Wheel back in 2012. Sharon and Payal offered me the opportunity to learn, co-create and innovate. Since then, numerous collaborations followed, accompanied by a beautiful friendship. The best thing about working with 4th Wheel was to collaborate with the two passionate (female!) founders,  whose strong vision was simply addictive. I am still fondly looking back to our joint brainstorming sessions all night long on creating new solutions for the social sector and putting them into practice the next morning. I really feel that 4th Wheel provides the best quality possible to their clients. The team is always eager to go the extra mile to strengthen social projects and maximize their social impact. Their work is highly contextualized and adapted to organizational requirements and needs. This is where the magic happens, and real social value is created.

Tatjana Mauthofer

Consultant, Mainlevel Consulting AG

My journey in CSR started from 4th Wheel and now that I look back – it was one of the best learning curve, opportunity and team I had. They gave me a deep sense of ownership in the company, the founders brought in different sets of expertise and skills that were great to learn from. I strongly feel the way we worked was just ahead of its times. From the kind of work we were doing, to how we would vision it for our clients – helping them see the broader perspective of monitoring and evaluation and the space of social impact!  I think what really stayed with me is the push I got to be better at what we (development professionals) were doing. Some of the things I have learned from 4thWheel has really helped me in my career as a CSR professional.

Dimpy Dave

Program Manager, Godrej Industries

I have been associated with 4th Wheel and consider it as my own company. The team has good knowledge about the latest and right M&E tools to evaluate the real impact, and are a bunch of very friendly people to work with. 4th Wheel is young and passionate, and a team of diverse people.

Maulik Chauhan

Growth Consultant (India Lead), SurveyCTO

4th Wheel has been the external Evaluator for our organisation for over two years now. Their practical, collaborative approach makes them a wonderful partner to work with. In our interactions with them, we’ve found everyone on their team easy to work with, open to discussion and genuinely interested in working together to enable meaningful change. It’s great to have an external perspective from a team that really goes the extra mile in understanding and supporting the work we do – like mentoring a group of Antarang graduates through their career journey! Payal, Sharon and everyone else at 4th Wheel, wish you the very best in all you undertake and we hope to continue working together in the future!

Manije Kelkar & Aparna Dubey

M&E Team, Antarang Foundation

4th Wheel did the first year Impact report  of our College Connect program, which focussed on System Change in colleges and universities, to make them inclusive. Third party studies are important in work like ours to get independent feedback from key stakeholders like educators, youth with disabilities, parents and companies. It helps us to feed these field reflections to strengthen and shape our next years’ program.  We chose Fourth Wheel  as the team is young, bright and quickly understood our vision. I  found their analytic skills and reporting good. I do think such organisations have a large scope as more players and funds move into the impact space.

Meera Shenoy

Founder-CEO, Youth4Jobs

The 4th Wheel’s profound background and experience in research and analytical assessments in India have been the decisive factor for Swisscontact to partner with them for a consulting assignment in the North East States. It is clear to me that 4th Wheels success is based on the professionalism, dedication and curiosity of each individual member of its staff. In short: Focus + Quality + Inspiration = The 4th Wheel. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!

Veronika Schanderl

Executive Manager, Swisscontact

4th Wheel makes data interesting, it helps data to speak and it helps people speak with data. That’s the most fun part of working with them. I’m always impressed by the grounded and objective view they take to data collection and analysis and the integrity with which they hold their position. It is always reassuring when evaluators demonstrate integrity and transparency in their findings and the journey to the inference. I wish them the best – more energy, creativity and contribution to the sector!

Havovi Wadia

Executive Director, Save the Children India

I have been following 4th wheel and their website since 2013 and have been happy to see the M&E and research vertical emerge as their strongest services. The main reason for us to work with 4th Wheel was the intelligence, expertise and competencies that the team brought to the table in all our discussions. The team was well aligned, knowledgeable and invested in the project’s success. They instilled comfort and confidence in the methodology adopted and the findings of the study. I would recommend working with 4th Wheel because it is a pleasure to work with people who possess deep subject matter expertise and are absolute professionals in their field.

George J Aikara

Chief Operating Officer, United Way Mumbai