Strategic advisory and hand-holding support for enhanced social impact efforts

The commitment to evidence will only be possible with robust systems for gathering and analyzing data, and the knowledge and expertise to translate the results into effective actions.

Assignment Type: Strategy Review 

Thematic Domain: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) 

Overview: We facilitated the design of a Theory of Change for an international development organisation working on WASH initiatives in India, who sought to contextualise their initiatives, aligned to the current health crisis. Based on the iterative TOC development, monitoring and evaluation technology tools and templates were built, teams were trained on using them and a Covid-19 strategy guideline was prepared. 

Benefits: The advisory support helped the organisation to move towards a developed culture of M&E, and adopt a more sophisticated approach to data production, use, analytics, visualization, and communication. The systems developed a learning and sharing environment amongst larger teams and  enabled the co-creation of programmatic solutions. 

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