Blog series on innovative break-out sessions (3/3): ENABLE! Building capacities for water conservation

The third break-out session, which is part of Ambuja Cement Foundation’s event on World Water Day 2017, puts building capacities for water conservation at the center of discussion. Considering that India sustains nearly 17 per cent of the world’s population but is endowed with just four per cent of global water resources, emphasizes the urgent call for water conservation.  

While technological-based innovations contribute to mitigating risks of water scarcity, they should always be accompanied by capacity-building activities in order to achieve conservation targets. New-age methods and mobilization strategies are yet to be explored and best practices to be shared across the sector.

Thus, aim of this break-out session is to reflect on existing methods and to design new solutions along the different steps of the capacity process to improve water conservation. We build on the following framework to guide us through the workshop session: 

Step 1 – WHO and WHY? As the first step, participants will jointly decide the two main stakeholders they would like to build capacities of for water conservation in a village/slum.

STEP 2 – WHERE and WHEN? In the next step the groups will outline the kinds of capacities that need to be built.

STEP 3 – HOW (STATUS – QUO)? The discussion will then move to participants listing current practices that exist which can be used.

STEP 4 – WHAT MORE (OUTSIDE OF THE BOX)? They shall then brainstorm on two ideas to bring innovations and technology to existing capacity building programs. The ideas should ideally focus on innovations relating to increasing scale, reducing costs or incorporating M&E.

This session is open to participants interested in developing capacity building processes for water programs. We are expecting influential development actors from the public, private and third sector to jointly explore avenues of collaboration and share innovative solutions. In addition, we highly encourage students and professionals from other sectors to join us in the discussion to bring in views from different angles.

Thank you, Shriya Damnia, Co-Founder, WaterQuest, for being our knowledge lead in this session.

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