Learn about the difference between the two most commonly used Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks.


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A – Z Research and Evaluation Best Practices

This repository of best practices orients the reader to key elements in research and evaluation studies; which result in valid, reliable and usable information.


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3 ways to make your research more participatory

Survey is the most commonly used method for conducting research but it may not lead to inclusive & participatory data. This video talks about innovative research tools like Photo Voice, Card Sorting & Temperature Gauges.

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Good Data for Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs

4 reasons why ‘good data’ is important to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) This Vlog is created and copy written by 4th Wheel

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Annual Report 2018

We celebrate another year of interesting projects, partnerships, learning and social impact. This year we have put together our Annual Report in a video, highlighting our work and reach.