Capacity building and peer learning for strengthened social service delivery

Training sessions are designed recognising the large number of professionals who are interested in virtual discussions on social impact and want to engage in peer learning opportunities (offering practical insights to theoretical topics).

Assignment Type: Webinars 

Thematic Domain: Multi-disciplinary 

Overview: Capacity Building is a conceptual approach to social or personal development that focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit organizations from realizing development goals,while enhancing abilities that will allow them to achieve measurable and sustainable results. We offer modules on program development, research tools and methods, impact evaluation, reporting and documentation, technology aided program monitoring and employee engagement. 

Benefits: Reaching over 100 M&E professionals in April 2020 through five ‘Evaluation 101’ webinars, we enhanced understanding on implementing social programs and advocated the increased value created by programs with technology usage in implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Based on participant testimonials, our webinars have helped personnel plan social programs better, implement them more effectively, facilitate accountability, support stakeholder communication and successfully guide the allocation of scarce resources.

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