Community based research for participatory and inclusive program implementation

Our work engages communities and builds local capacities to undertake monitoring and evaluation activities, to collectively address critical social and economic challenges.

Case Example 

The E-participation platforms we offer (involving participatory videos, community web talks, virtual games and networking) are useful tools to connect with vulnerable groups online and establish digital initiatives. 

Assignment Type: Social Impact Assessment

Thematic Domain: Skill Development 

Overview: Youth employability and ascertaining impacts of skill training programs is more challenging than ever, given the uncertainties of the economic climate globally. Commissioned with the assessment of several skilling programs, our team is now engaging with youth beneficiaries online. 

Benefits: We are collecting important nuanced data on the availability of technology, access to learning, time management, mental health, up-skilling virtual opportunities, etc. to make informed decisions on restructuring interventions and continuing support towards them.  Strengthening digital infrastructure in communities is key to achieving the SDGs, and this crisis has presented an opportunity to do that!

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