Rotary Club (Mumbai)

A needs assessment study conducted in three slums of Mumbai to identify development issues, build stakeholder collaborations and develop solutions.


Member of Rotary Club (Mumbai)

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Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

Key Highlights

  • 221 respondents, 3 slums
  • Only 20% had studied post 10th standard
  • 44.44% had monthly family income of less than INR 10,000
  • 17.78% were unemployed
  • 42% respondents rated sanitation as the biggest concern

Needs Assessment Study in Cuffe Parade Slums of Mumbai

The overall objective of the project was to record demographic profiles of people in the area and assess the level of services and infrastructure available to them (water supply, sanitation, facilities, roads, etc.). 4th Wheel had to engage, map and prioritize key stakeholders to get an objective depiction of local needs, to ensure any actions taken are in accordance with needs expressed. Sanitation and water were seen as urgent priorities, but research revealed that there are many deeply rooted systemic/behavioural issues which need to be resolved. Based on findings, skill development training and waste management interventions were identified as the key focus areas for support and investment.

Research Tools

01 Transect walks
02 Hypothetical budgeting
03 Venn diagram
04 Surveys
05 Priority ranking exercises


The study focused on understanding the multi-dimensional nature of development issues and building stronger stakeholder partnerships. Participatory research methods were used to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. 4th Wheel used tools such as hypothetical budgets, wealth ranking and venn diagrams to gauge local needs and issues. Stakeholder and systems mapping was undertaken to gain deeper insights into the local context/geography. The research was solution oriented and resulted in three programs developed in partnership with reputed NGOs working on civic engagement, education through sports and entrepreneurship support and training for youth.