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Rapid Assessment of Ekam Mumbai’s Surgery Support program, to evaluate the impact of financial aid on the child and family.

Ekam Foundation



Key Highlights

  • 1457 children supported
  • 30+ hospitals in Mumbai
  • 100 families participated in the research
  • 63 of 100 children supported were below 6 years of age

Impact Assessment of Surgery Support program

Ekam Foundation Mumbai works towards offering quality healthcare to every children irrespective of their family’s financial background. One of their key program; the Surgery Support Program provides financial support to economically weak families which have children in need of life saving surgeries and therapy. The study had three objectives. The first was to document processes in terms of beneficiary selection, timeline of support and type of engagement. The second was to understand areas of impact while the third objective was to gauge feedback from stakeholders for program improvements. The study used a combination of stratified random sampling and convenience sampling to choose a sample of families. A stratified random sample was used, stratified on age gender, year of treatment, and medical condition.

Research Tools

01.Telephone Interviews
02.Convergent Interviewing


This study was primarily undertaken with the rationale that it is important to measure a program’s effects and analyse the extent to which its goals and objectives are being attained. A structured questionnaire was developed based on surveys like Child Behaviour Checklist, Child Health Questionnaire, KidScreen and PedsQL. From the results of the questionnaire, families were selected for further telephone interviews and results from both research methods were triangulated. Internal documentation was also analysed to get a better understanding of the population Ekam serves. It offered specific evidence to inform future program decisions and course corrective actions.