Investing in Local Crowdsourcing Campaigns is the future of monitoring and evaluation!

Crowdsourced data collection is widely believed to create an environment of active participation and engagement for social change. The underlying premise of the project was to provide a technological tool to monitor community action and learning around community-centred issues. 

Assignment Type: Participatory Action Research 

Thematic Domain: Education 

Overview: The data suppliers for the project are 1800 students who assist in local issues identification regarding ‘quality education’, report actions taken by stakeholders for solving specific issues, and track changes. So far, information collected on issues includes lack of teachers, no libraries, low focus on extracurricular activities and experiential learning, dearth of computers and technology, poor WASH facilities, etc. 

Benefits: Students have been providing very interesting solutions to these issues and we are excited to see how this project translates into positive education outcomes, youth learning and active citizen engagement.

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