M4ID, Finland

Design and implementation of a Monitoring & Evaluation framework for the Lab.our Ward Pilot Project in Odisha.

M4ID, Finland

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Key Highlights

  • 35 patients consulted across 3 Community Health Centres (CHC)
  • Infrastructure is very poor in facilities and cannot manage complicated deliveries
  • 51.43% patients stated the facility was very dirty
  • Facilities lack gynaecologists and obstetricians to conduct deliveries

 Impact Evaluation study on infrastructure improvements in labour wards of Government health centres

M4ID is a social impact company established with a mission to improve development and health outcomes of underserved and vulnerable communities. In India M4ID is piloting the ‘Lab.Our Ward’ project in the state of Odisha. Lab.Our Ward aims to improve the birth experience of women in low-resource settings. The project seeks to achieve its aim by improving the quality of care from the perspectives of both women and care providers, through a suite of interventions. The study was conducted to understand the process and mechanism of service delivery in resource constrained (maternal) healthcare facilities. It explores the viability of service, product and space innovations tailored for maternity wards in resource constrained settings. It also captures the experiences of patients and their supporters in accessing services related to delivery/birth-giving.


Research Tools

02.Focus Group Discussions
03.Convergent Interviews
05.Priority Ranking Exercise


The evaluation adopts the World Health Organization’s Quality of Care theoretical framework, which is “the extent to which health care services provided to individuals and patient populations improve desired health outcomes.” Indicators have been matched to the eight standards of care and quality statements of the standardised and validated WHO framework. Out of these, context-appropriate indicators have been chosen to fit to local realities.