Strategic consulting support for social endeavours and CSR activities spanning health, education and infrastructure provision.

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Changodar, Ahmedabad

Key Highlights

  • Dignified housing for 500 construction workers
  • Schooling and care for over 100 children
  • 270 health clinic camps  

‘Aavaas’ Program, ‘Building the lives who build our homes’

“Aavaas” by Nebula is an Indian affordable housing development venture established in 2016. There are currently Aavaas projects under development Changodar (Ahmedabad) ,Miyapur (Hyderabad) & Chennail with over 10,000 affordable apartments (7-30 Lakhs USD 10,000-42,000) under development. Aavaas is a socially impactful business that believes in the mantra of “Affordable Living not just AffordableHousing” and seeks to provide Social Infrastructure on its projects – Affordable School, Health Clinic, Fair priced shop. In keeping with its Impact goals it also aims to improve the lives of its construction workers with the philosophy of “Building the future of those who build our future homes”. 4th Wheel engaged with conducting needs assessment studies of construction workers, finding appropriate solutions and forming partnerships with local implementing organisations. Core work centres around monitoring and evaluation of these projects, with the view to strengthen impact among lives of construction workers.

Research Tools

01. Bi-Monthly Tracking and Monitoring Assessment (by local field support)
02. Surveys
03. Focus Group Discussions
04. Hypothetical Budgets
05. Observations


In order to assess the impact, 4th Wheel conducted a baseline survey of a sample of the housing-colony population in order to ascertain the health and education benchmark before the initiation of the project. Data was drawn on health profiles, availability of healthcare facilities and the extent of healthcare knowledge and awareness. Similarly, an education profiling was also conducted to assess the educational facilities available for children. To ensure effective execution and implementation of the initiative, 4th wheel has developed a monitoring and evaluation tracking scale through which the local field support collects data on impact indicators. Regular interviews are also conducted with the members of the housing unit to factor in their opinion and issues.