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  1. Nicolas von Flittner

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    We are a social impact company located in Finland. I am reaching out since we have a evaluation project starting in the State of Odisha regarding on a design project we have been working with. This work, what we call The Lab.our Ward -project brings together experts from the fields of product, service and architectural design, in collaboration with maternal health experts, to improve the birth experience in low resource settings. Through designed solutions and tools
    applied to new and existing health facilities, the Lab.our Ward project aims to improve quality
    of care from the perspectives of both women and care providers. Ultimately, the Lab.our
    Ward innovation project seeks to have a positive impact on health outcomes for mothers and
    We have received a request to conduct a pilot project in the State of Odisha in two existing facilities where we would implement the existing solutions and evaluate the effect for client and staff satisfaction and capture the community response to the changes.
    We would need a partner who would develop the test matrix and protocol, conduct the baseline and impact evaluations and provide a report of the findings and I wonder if 4th Wheel would be a good match for us?

    Best Regards,

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