Phone Surveys for rapid assessments and relevant program (re)design

For uninterrupted and efficient project supervision, monitoring and evaluation, we have strengthened systems to undertake rapid, remote data collection and phone-based surveys. 

Case Example 

Despite methodological limitations, phone surveys are a very powerful tool to keep in close touch with beneficiaries, generate data to make evidence based decisions and design the right solutions. 

Assignment Type: Social Impact Assessment

Thematic Domain: Migrant Labour 

Overview: A social impact assessment study tracing impacts of a large-scale infrastructure development project has been stalled. While field visits ascertaining effects of the resettlement and rehabilitation have become impossible, 4th Wheel has moved to phone based data collection, to survey the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic, the national lockdown and their implications. 

Benefits: Data collected is being used to offer relief and support programs that provide rapid benefits. The team is also connecting with the migrant labour that work on project sites, to inform and facilitate Government assistance measures towards them.

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