SROI Webinar Resources

Please find below all the webinar resources

From the webinar:

  1. Presentation
  2. Video recording

Learning Resources:

  1. The Guide to SROI
  2. Maximise your impact guide
  3. Social Value Principles – this is a short document providing an overview of the 7 principles
  4. Starting out guide
  5. 10 Impact questions
  6. Principles of Social Value and the SDGs
  7. Value Game


  1. Principle 1 – Involve Stakeholders
  2. Principle 2 – Understand what changes. Part one, Identifying Well-defined Outcomes
  3. Principle 3 – Value the things that matter
  4. Principle 4 – Only include what is material

Conferences and Trainings:

  1. Social Value Matters 2020
  2. Introduction to Social Value and SROI Training Program Online
  3. Accredited Social Value and SROI Practitioner Online Training Program
  4. SVI Overview
  5. SVI Membership details

Additional Resources: 

  1. Global Value Exchange – this resource has over 26,000 entries of outcomes, indicators, and valuations. The site can be contributed to by others, and can be a helpful resource for finding useful information
  2. Social Value Self-assessment Tool – this resource allows individuals and organisations to assess their current performance against the Principles of Social Value as well as providing guidance on how to improve the current situation

Please mail [email protected] for any questions related to the training programs and membership.
For any other queries please connect on [email protected] 

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