Using visual tools and data analytics to track progress and undertake course corrective actions

Dashboards track social performance and enable analysis based on innovative visualizations and tools to identify priorities for action. This data-driven initiative enables participation from a broad range of stakeholders.  

Assignment Type: Technology and Data Analytics

Thematic Domain: Healthcare 

Overview: Owing to poor data, there were no target-oriented approaches, monitoring or tracking of progress of healthcare access in rural areas of our client’s operations. This resulted in a lack of transparency and accountability while dealing with the crisis. A basic dashboard of the Community Health Centres, Public Health Centres and District hospitals and related capacities was built, based on secondary information available. This was substantiated with data from phone consultations with local influencers and healthcare professionals. The dashboard enabled the organization to prioritise locations and areas of support, while monitoring the improvement in healthcare access. 

Benefits: The dashboard helped to map different development actors and their related programs and form strong multi stakeholder partnerships, where there was a blended financing model allowing for health system upgradation and eventually greater impact. 

Based on local realities, which were highlighted for different geographies, social development plans were customised and target oriented, with regular monitoring systems built into program design, creating customised impactful programs of the future.

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